Charming Towns in Florida You’ve Got To See

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These charming towns in Florida are ideal to escape the bustle and hustle and enjoy a day filled with sunshine, charm, and chilled-out vibes.

Florida is a great place to live and work. It is also home to many of the most beautiful towns in America. Whether you’re looking for a bustling city, cozy countryside, or anything in between, Florida has it all!

Florida may be known as the “Sunshine State,” but there are more than just sunsets and beaches waiting for you here. In fact, if you stray a bit from Florida’s main tourist hotspots like Orlando or Miami, you’ll find a wonderland of picturesque towns full of natural beauty and historical charm.

Blessed with unspoiled landscapes, palm-fringed beaches, and a contagious laid-back vibe, these Florida towns are the ideal place to escape the bustle and hustle of popular cities and theme parks and instead, enjoy a day filled with sunshine, charm, and chilled-out vibes.

13 of The Most Charming Towns in Florida

Palm Beach

West Palm Beach

Palm Beach, Florida is a hidden paradise in South Florida with a picturesque waterfront, active nightlife, and vibrant neighborhoods.

If you’re looking for a little luxury and a burgeoning arts scene during your vacation, Palm Beach is well worth the trip.

Shop the designer boutiques along Worth Avenue, dine at trendy restaurants, or grab your bike and ride along the Lake Trail for a glimpse of the island’s lavish estates.

Tip: Don’t forget to check out what festivals are in town during your visit (seriously, Palm Beach’s calendar tends to be filled with fun activities!).

St. Augustine

St Augustine

Featuring a distinctly European vibe with a coastal twist, St. Augustine is one of the cutest cities in Florida and a must-visit for one simple reason: It’s the oldest city in the United States.

St. Augustine’s quaint streets and attractions bring to life the history of Florida, while also featuring modern entertainment and lots of beach goodness for those who like to mix things up.

Think cobblestone streets, romantic squares draped in charming cafés, and a myriad of historical sights to explore throughout the day.

Start the day with a hearty breakfast at the many quaint coffee shops in the city center, explore the historical worth of Castillo de San Marcos, check out a few museums, climb to the top of St. Augustine Lighthouse for the most stunning views or simply spend the day relaxing at the white sandy beaches that span the city.


Matlacha Island

One of Florida’s biggest secrets, Matlacha is a picturesque little town that brims with candy-colored buildings and coastal village charm.

Reminiscent of Old Florida but with a burst of colors splashing every scene, the main thing to do at Matlacha is to slowly stroll its streets in search of artsy stalls, fresh seafood, and laid-back beachy vibes.



Islamorada, located in the spot where barrier reefs, saltwater wilderness, and the nature of Everglades National Park meet, is quite possibly the most famous island in the Florida Keys.

The island is dubbed the sport-fishing capital of the world, but if fishing is not exactly your jam, there’s plenty more to keep you entertained during your visit.

Ocean adventures are king here (think snorkeling, sailing, and diving to name a few!), but you’ll also find plenty of shopping, fine dining (seafood, we’re looking at you), and entertainment to keep you lingering a while longer (all with the prettiest views of white sand beaches acting as a backdrop, of course!).

Amelia Island

Amelia Island

Located in the greater Jacksonville area, Amelia Island is one of the most beautiful islands in the Sea Islands chain. While here, explore the island’s slightly ritzy vibes by strolling through Fernandina Beach’s charming Old Town district, check out historic shops spread all over, and try the island’s excellent foodie scene at the trendy restaurants that line the streets.

To top it off, the island brims with nature activities and thriving wildlife, all of which you can get to know on foot, on a kayak, or even on a charter boat!

Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island may be tiny, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for it with wonderful things to do during your stay!

Thanks to the fact that it comprises gorgeous azure beaches, a national wildlife refuge, and hiking trails winding through marshes, Sanibel is your go-to if you’re into quiet vacations and a mix of beach fun and nature.

Moreover, its downtown shabby chic vibes and casual style will have you wishing you could stay just a little longer.

Being one of the few islands that runs perpendicular to Florida’s coastline (most run parallel), Sanibel’s beaches are covered in shells. Shell-collecting has become the island’s claim to fame, and joining a “Sanibel Stoop” (as locals call the act of shelling) is a must-do activity while here.

DeFuniak Springs

DeFuniak Springs

Victorian vibes are the norm at DeFuniak springs. While there’s not a whole lot to do here, this cozy little town is perfect for a quiet vacation, especially if you’re into old-world charm beauty, and nature.

Seriously, you could easily dedicate a few days just to admiring this town’s enchanting architecture that has stood the test of time – grab your bike and travel Circle Drive Historic Center in search of stunning homes!

DeFuniak Springs has a pretty unusual claim to fame: it surrounds a perfectly circular spring-fed lake, which is one of only two perfectly symmetrical lakes in the world (the other one is set in Switzerland). The lake is freckled by pine trees and exquisite Victorian homes, making the entire scene look straight from a fairytale.

We hope this list of the most charming towns in Florida helped you choose a destination for your next escape! Even though some are more popular than others, they all guarantee a wonderful time combining beach, entertainment, and nature.

Have you ever visited any of these charming towns in Florida? What are some other destinations in the state worth checking out?

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