20 Must-Have Items to Pack for an Alaskan Cruise

Find out what you need to pack for an Alaskan cruise so you can stress less and be excited to set sail and enjoy your cruise in Alaska!

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Whether you already have your cruise to Alaska booked or you are in the beginning stages of planning, there is one thing lurking in the back of your mind – what should you pack for an Alaskan Cruise?

When you think you have mastered the art of packing for a cruise, think again! However, do not let that discourage you because the varying weather will be well worth the breathtaking views and unforgettable memories!

An Alaskan cruise is a bit different than the tropical cruises that most people are used to going on. Temperatures can vary from morning, noon and night, so it is important to be prepared for this type of weather.

We recommend packing outfits that can be layered. Wearing several layers will help you to stay warm, but you can adjust your layers based on the temperature for that day.

Our motto is “better to pack too much, then not enough.”

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Luggage on an Alaskan cruise

When packing for an Alaskan cruise, you most likely will be checking your bag since you will have thicker clothing items with the temperatures varying widely throughout your cruise.

The most important thing to remember when checking your bag is staying under the 50-pound weight limit. If you don’t, you will get charged a fee, and let’s be honest, nobody wants to pay for that.

You will want to find a lightweight suitcase that expands and gives you more room for all of those souvenirs that you will be bringing home!

This suitcase by COOLIFE not only has a nice hardcover, but it also is expandable, lightweight has a built-in lock, and comes in a variety of colors and sizes!

Appropriate clothing for a May-Sept Alaskan Cruise

  • Jeans or khakis – These can be worn on a variety of occasions and will also give you warmth! Both jeans and khakis can be dressed up and down making them the perfect addition to your suitcase.
  • Cardigans, Hoodies, or Crewnecks are a perfect way to layer your outfits. If you get too hot, simply take them off.
  • Casual Shirts/T-shirts go perfectly with a pair of jeans or leggings and you can add a cardigan right over the top if it’s a bit chilly outside.
  • Some shorts – I would only pack a few of these as they are good for lounging around the ship or if you happen to have a super warm day.
  • Swimsuit & cover-up for those times where you want to take a few laps in the pool or relax in the hot tub after a long adventurous day.
  • Flats, Sneakers, or boat shoes – Whatever is relaxing and easy to slide onto your feet. Trust me, after a long day of walking, the last thing you will want is something restricting on your feet – comfort is key!
  • A waterproof jacket that will keep you warm and dry! Marmot makes a great lightweight waterproof jacket for both men & women.
  • Leggings or hiking pants – be sure they are both comfy and breathable!
  • The last thing you want is to be freezing if the temperatures are not quite in your favor, so be sure to pack the following three items – Some gloves, a hat, and a pair of warm cozy socks!
  • Some comfortable shoes! These can either be tennis shoes or a pair of hiking shoes, whichever suits your style the best!

Dinner Night on an Alaskan cruise

  • For women, a maxi dress is perfect for those dinner nights
  • Jewelry is a nice finishing touch that can jazz up any outfit. Plus, it barely takes up any room in your suitcase!
  • Dressy shoes to go along with your fancy outfits! Remember, comfort is key ladies so don’t feel like you have to wear high heels; flats can be just as fancy!
  • Most cruises have one formal night, possibly two. Check with your cruise line. For the formal night, I recommend that you get all dolled up. For men, simply wear some dress slacks, a button-down shirt and a tie – you’ll fit right in!

Non-Clothing Absolute Necessities for Alaska Cruise

  • Binoculars – Give you the ability to gander at wildlife from your balcony and believe me, you will not regret making room for these. Not only are these binoculars compact, but also they are lightweight, fog proof and water-resistant!
  • Backpack – Similar to the suitcase, you will want to find one that is lightweight.  It will put less pressure on your back and it can be folded up nicely into your suitcase. This lightweight backpack by ZOMAKE comes in thirteen different colors and its water-resistant making it perfect to bring along on excursions!
  • Be sure to pack a portable phone charger! While you may not be texting, making phone calls or browsing social media frequently, you most likely will be using your phone to take lots of pictures and videos. This charger is extremely reasonable, and will at least get you one full charge, if not two, while you are out and about!

Enjoy The Trip Of A Lifetime!

Now that you know what you need to pack for an Alaskan cruise, you can stress less and be even more excited to set sail and enjoy your cruise in Alaska! If you happen to forget something, do not panic – there are plenty of shops along the way that will have anything and everything that you need!

Do you have any recommendations that should be on this list? Let me know in the comments below!

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Pack for an Alaskan Cruise

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