40+ Morocco Quotes: Inspiring Quotes About Morocco

Morocco is a memorable country because of the distinctive experiences and lasting impressions it offers. It is loved by…

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Morocco is a memorable country because of the distinctive experiences and lasting impressions it offers. It is loved by travelers because of the warmth of the Moroccan people and their hospitality.

A country of striking beauty and the gateway to Africa, Morocco boasts ancient cities, rolling mountains, unique palaces, expansive deserts, and benevolent culture.

Morocco is a paradise for every kind of traveler. If you love beaches, there is a huge variety of beaches to discover in this region. Similarly, Morocco satiates the taste buds of every traveler with its historical monuments, Sahara Desert, Moroccan Gardens, and the distinct art and culture of the country.

And if you think that Morocco is all about the vast desert and the beaches, you must not forget that it is a place for snow skiing too. Oukaïmeden and Fez – Ifrane are the snow skiing mountains located in the Atlas mountains are proof that Morocco has an array of travel destinations.

Want to have more inspiration to visit Morocco? Here are the “Most Inspiring Quotes About Morocco” that will make you add this country to your bucket list soon.

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Inspiring Quotes About Morocco

1 “In Morocco, before you even get to the matter of the sale, you have to coax the owner to sell.” – Tahir Shah

2 “After touring so much, I was looking for some peace. I found Morocco, and it was perfect. Everything I wanted to feel about peace, I found it there.” – Skepta

3 “The woman with dark hair, wide hips, and a few extra pounds has always been the essence of beauty in Morocco.” – Fatema Mernissi

4 “To visit Morocco is still like turning the pages of some illuminated Persian manuscript all embroidered with bright shapes and subtle lines.” – Edith Wharton

5 “I was born in Morocco and lived there until I was 13; I’m really proud of my heritage.” – French Montana

6 “I have traveled a lot, but my footsteps were in need for a place to linger on for writing, I have no dreamed of a place better than the Grand Socco, where I could leave a part of myself.” – Joseph Kessel

7 “I met an angel in Morocco and all I got were these lousy scars.” – Laini Taylor

8 “The past is buried deep within the ground in Rabat, although the ancient walls in the old city are still standing, painted in electrifying variations of royal blue that make the winding roads look like streamlets or shallow ocean water.” – Raquel Cepeda

9 “In Morocco, it’s possible to see the Atlantic and the Mediterranean at the same time.” – Tahar Ben Jelloun

10 “Every five years, I like to do a big birthday party. I had my 45th birthday with 75 friends in Marrakesh, Morocco.” – Chip Conley

11 “Morocco is such a beautiful place. It’s incredibly beautiful. And also it is a captivating place because, for a writer, you feel that you make an impact. I mean, when I write something in the press, the day after in the fish market, people will be discussing it.” – Fatema Mernissi

12 “I love Morocco – it’s a real challenge to all five senses. You think you know something, and you don’t. It’s wonderful. It keeps you on your toes that way.” – Amy Ryan

13 “All Moroccans are justifiably proud of the development of democratic institutions in Morocco.” – Donald Evans

14 “I loved filming in Morocco; it was amazing. I’d never been anywhere like that. The culture was phenomenal. I was so blown away by the spirit of that country.” – Tatiana Maslany

15 “Morocco is the greatest. I should be getting money from the Moroccans because I’m just telling everyone that it’s a wonderful place to go.” – Bill Murray

16 “My hope is that countries like Morocco will have investment to create work, so people don’t have to leave.” – Tahar Ben Jelloun

17 “The noble Moor of Spain is anything but a pure Arab of the desert, he is half a Berber (from the Aryan family) and his veins are so full of Gothic blood that even at the present day noble inhabitants of Morocco can trace their descent back to Teutonic ancestors.” – Houston Stewart Chamberlain

18 “As you wake up to sort of Morocco coming to life, and you drive a two-hour journey through the desert as the sun is rising over the sand dunes … I saw landscapes and visual stuff that I’ll never forget. It was special.” – Jim Sturgess

19 “Morocco is built on tolerance.” – Mohammed VI, King of Morocco

20 “Every country I would go to, even if it was just on a modeling job, I would go to their markets. If I went to Morocco for ‘Elle’ magazine, I would be in the spice markets during my off time and just come back with a suitcase full of stuff that I really wanted to try.” – Padma Lakshmi

21 “I love nothing better than immersing myself in different street cultures; exploring all those neighborhoods in Tokyo was quite amazing or visiting Morocco to see an Inditex factory.” – Imran Amed

22 “Going to Morocco was massive; that’s where I really found music which had the African syncopation and swing mixed with Arabic strains, and together they had this transporting, bittersweet quality.” – Justin Adams

23 “Morocco: Looks better in films.” – Marlene Dietrich

24 “I spent my first twenty years in Morocco, where I coached the national team.” – Just Fontaine

25 “Morocco is completely alive for me because I spent about a third of my life there. The first few times I went back to Casablanca, I walked through the streets and remembered how years earlier I had walked those same streets and prayed that a miracle would happen and I would leave and become famous.” – Gad Elmaleh

26 “If Aphrodite chills at home in Cyprus for most of the year, then Fez must be the goddess’s playground.” – Raquel Cepeda

27 “Like Webster’s dictionary, we’re Morocco bound.” – Johnny Burke

28 “There’s just really interesting facets of culture just swirling in Morocco. They all have slightly different colors, so it’s just an inspiring place to be.” – Mark Foster

29 “The four main orientations of Morocco’s foreign policy: the Maghreb, the Arab world, Africa and other partners” – Saad-Eddine El Othmani

30 “I loved Morocco. It’s very exotic and different from anywhere I’ve ever been. I had an amazing day there in the high Atlas Mountains near Mount Tamadot, when I rode by donkey into a Berber village and drank some mint tea with a Berber family. It was exceptional.” – Isla Fisher

31 “I want to go to Morocco really bad.” – Vanessa Hudgens

32 “If you travel in countries like Morocco, and I say that because I have just come from Morocco, if people are shouting at each other in an argument, violence is not going to follow. That would be just so far removed.” – John Gimlette

33 “I quite like antiques. I like things that are old and the history they bring with them. I would rather fly to Morocco on an $800 ticket and buy a chair for $300 than spend $1,100 on one at Pottery Barn.” – Walton Goggins

34 “For my money, insecurity, depression, etc, can be healed by way of El Morocco, sad songs at 4am, and the pop of a champagne cork.” – Elaine Stritch

35 “The days of predatory poets in search of literary inspiration and young flesh are probably over for good. Hippies can just as easily get their bong rips in Portland or Peoria. But the good stuff, the real good stuff, the sounds and smells and the look of Tangier, what you see and hear when you look out the window and take it all in, that’s here to stay.” – Anthony Bourdain

36 “If you are a Morocco citizen with dual nationality, if you commit a crime in Morocco you are stripped of Moroccan nationality and sent to our own country. We can learn from them in that respect.” – Geert Wilders

37 “But I will agree that I think that things happen with people in relationships, that you might have been able to enjoy Morocco, say if you weren’t getting out of a bad marriage. You know what I mean?” – Robert Downey, Jr.

38 “For ‘Around the World in 80 Plates’ we got to travel all over, having what was like a cross between a culinary competition and races. And in each country, we had a chef Ambassador. We went to London, Barcelona, Bologna, Hong Kong, Thailand, Morocco … It was amazing.” – Curtis Stone

39 “In Morocco, a Muslim country, I got to hear the call to prayer five times a day. At first, it felt kind of scary, kind of dangerous, because of the propaganda towards anything Muslim in the U.S. subconsciously coming out in me. By the end of the trip, it was so beautiful, and then not hearing it when I got back to L.A. really threw me off.” – Mark Foster

40 “My childhood was very sheltered. I grew up in a palace. But I lived in Morocco as a Moroccan citizen.” – Mohammed VI Of Morocco

41 “We need objects to remind us of the commitments we’ve made. That carpet from Morocco reminds us of the impulsive, freedom-loving side of ourselves we’re in danger of losing touch with. Beautiful furniture gives us something to live up to. All designed objects are propaganda for a way of life.” – Alain De Botton

42 “My Morocco. I followed whatever train I wanted. I wrote without writing – of genies and hustlers and mythic travelers, my vagabondia. Then I would walk back home, happily.” – Patti Smith

43 “Morocco, one of the more fully developed countries in Africa, with a solid infrastructure and a population of about 27 million, holds roughly two-thirds of the world’s reserves of phosphate rock – phosphate deposits are to Morocco as oil is to Venezuela – and dominates the world market in this vital.” – Jim Rogers

44 “The world’s oldest university, University of Karaouin, was established by a Muslim woman in Fez, Morocco in 859.” – Firas Alkhateeb

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