Read Around the World: Travel Reading Challenge 2023

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Welcome to our second year of the travel reading challenge. Want to travel the world from your favorite reading chair? Let’s go travel through the pages of a book with this read-around-the-world challenge!

I spent last year reading my way around the world, tackling my first travel reading challenge, and traveling the globe through literature. After an overwhelming response, many readers even joined me in this challenge too!

And so, after having several requests for an updated one for 2023, I now present to you the new and updated read around the world challenge so I can continue my travels through books and literature this year.

This list includes 12 prompts for the 12 months that will allow you to read your way around the globe. The prompts are all new from last year, including a mix across continents, and cover those requested by you!

Below you will find each month’s prompts, as well as book suggestions. You’ll also find links below to lists of books to help you find the right book for you!

I hope you’ll find something here to inspire your reading or travels, or perhaps you’re simply looking for a reading goal that isn’t too difficult to complete.

Wishing you a wonderful year of adventures and stories ahead!

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January: A book set in a Bookshop

January may be cold, but bookstores are inviting, and as readers, we spend a lot of time inside bookstores when we can! Kick off the first month of the Read Around the World Challenge with a book set in a bookshop.

Book Suggestions:

More Book Suggestions: Best Books Set in Bookshops

February: A Book Set in India

Moving on to February, the next stop on the Read Around the World Challenge takes us to India.

Book Suggestions: 

Reading Suggestions: Best Books Set in India

March: A Book set on an island

In March, we travel to an island through the pages.

Book Suggestions:

April: A Book Set In Canada

Canada’s beautiful landscape and years of history have inspired novels and nonfiction by authors from around the world.

Book Suggestions:

Reading Suggestions: Must-Read Books Set In Canada

May: A book set on a train

Next up is a book set aboard a train! If you love to travel by train, you won’t want to miss these train thrillers, mysteries, and train novels.

Book Suggestions:

Reading Suggestions: Best Books Set On Trains

June: A book set In Bangkok

Moving on and visiting Bangkok, the capital of Thailand!

Book Suggestions:

Reading Suggestions: Best Books Set in Bangkok

July: A book with a destination in the title

Find a book with a destination in the title, perhaps even somewhere you would like to visit.

Book Suggestions:

August: A Book Set in Scotland

August takes us to Scotland. Known for its stunning natural landscapes ranging from mountains and highlands to lochs and rugged coastlines.

Book Suggestions:

Reading Suggestions: Best Books Set in Scotland

September: A book set at the beach

In September, the goal is to read a book set at the beach.

Book Suggestions:

October: A Fantasy book set in another world

Fantasy is a fun genre to escape into. Last year we covered fantasy based on real places but this year read a fantasy that takes place in another world.

Book Suggestions:

November: A book that has been Made Into A Series Or Movie

Book Suggestions:

December: A book with a season in the title

On to the last month of the year. Finally, for the month of December, your goal is to read a book with a season in the title, and you choose which season you like.

Book Suggestions:

Travel Reading Challenge

That’s all for the Read Around the World Challenge prompts! Let me know in the comments below if you’re going to participate and which month you’re most anticipating.

And please do just jump into the current month if you found this challenge after the start of the new year, don’t wait until next year to start.

Happy reading!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose my own book?

Yes! Choose any book that meets the challenge prompt for that month. In fact, if you really enjoy a book, we’d love to hear about it.

Can I recommend a book for a future month?

We always love book recommendations! If there’s a book you think we should know about for one of the upcoming months, tell us about it. But please only recommend books that you’ve read.

Can I join the Challenge after January?

You can join our year-long reading challenge at any time. Simply jump into the current month, or start at the beginning. How you choose to participate is up to you, any month is a great time to start!

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  1. These prompts sound great, I will be joining this challenge for the first time! I think I can get to all of them though I may not get to it in the right month. I’m really looking to read more books set in other countries this year.

    1. Awesome!!

      Please keep us updated on how you get on. We would love to know what books you choose.

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